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Expert in healthcare domain and technically advanced

Health Applications

We are experts in building HIPAA compliant & custom health applications for EHR, PM, telehealth, Chronic Care Management, and RPM solutions leveraging healthcare & technology expertise to improve overall outcome

Health Interoperability

Medtivist provides access to clinical information, enabling secure collaboration and data exchange with healthcare systems using HL7 Version 2, Version 3, FHIR, SMART, CDA, and X12. From consulting to data management, we are here to serve you on time

Connected Health

Our connected health escalates care delivery by making it more collaborative, patient-centric & data-driven using technologies like RPM, telemedicine, personalized medicine, HIE, AI & ML, digital therapeutics, data analytics, and interoperability

Health Data Analytics

Our contemporary approach to AI, ML, and NLP solutions combines innovative thinking, real-time applications, and industry know-how to deliver better & faster data insights

Health Process Automation

Automate digital tasks with software that offer top accuracy, consistency, and lower cost. We design & custom-develop robots based on your unique requirements & manage them to run efficiently and accurately

Health Cloud Security

Meet & Solve your business challenges with Medtivist ' cloud transformation services including continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment

Health-IT Compliance

Comply with HIPAA, MU, MIPS, and MACRA and protect your EHR with proven security procedures. Also, protect your patient's health information for better healthcare


North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)


Product Service Codes (PSC)


High Value Assets

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Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Services


Risk Management Framework


Security Operations Center


The best protection you could get in the field


The perfect standard for narrating data formats, elements, and application programming interface (API) for facilitating the smooth exchange of Electronic Health Records (EHR)


HL7 FHIR SMART defines client authorization, authentication, and integration with FHIR-based data systems. It assures the complete transformation of interoperability in healthcare


HL7 international is the one that sets perfect and unified standards for healthcare interoperability. It’s the residence of the next-gen standard FHIR


The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, created national standards to secure delicate and sensitive patient information from being exploited without consent


A non-profit organization that provides facilitates safe, error-free, and effective health information exchange by determining the best global standards for health terminology


The International Classification of Diseases is the worldwide used diagnostic tool for clinical purposes, health management, and more. It is maintained by the WHO

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