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Medtivist Connected Health Features

Remote Patient Monitoring

Wearable & connected devices, telehealth, patient-generated health data (PGHD), clinical decision support (CDS), AI, data analytics, health information exchange (HIE), care coordination

Telehealth / telemedicine

Video conferencing, RPM, store-and-forward, asynchronous & synchronous communication, telepharmacy, remote consultations, mobile health, virtual reality & augmented reality

Personalized medicine

Genomics, pharmacogenomics, biomarkers, genotyping, proteomics, metabolomics, digital health, electronic health records (EHRs), data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI)

Health Information Exchange

Electronic health records (EHRs), interoperability, direct messaging, master patient index (MPI), consent management, query-based exchange, patient matching, health information organization (HIO),

Patient engagement

Patient portal, health literacy, health coaching, patient education, patient activation, shared decision-making, telehealth, mHealth, personal health record (PHR), patient feedback

AI & Machine Learning

Neural network, deep learning, natural language processing (NLP), machine vision, predictive analytics, reinforcement learning, chatbot, supervised & unsupervised learning, data mining

Remote care coordination

Care team, care coordinator, electronic health records, remote monitoring, teletriage, teleconsultation, health information exchange, remote patient education, medication management, health coaching

Digital therapeutics

Software as a Medical Device (SaMD), mHealth, digital biomarkers, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), gamification, VR, augmented reality, AI, personalized medicine, digital health platform

Digital Health Technologies

Exploit wearable devices, mobile health apps, RPM systems, telehealth, and other digital tools that enable patients to monitor their health and communicate with healthcare providers

Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Efficiently collect, analyse, and interpret health data, which can be used to make clinical decisions, identify health trends, and personalized care


Work together seamlessly with different health systems, devices, and apps to exchange data which is critical for connected health by standardizing the data formats & communication protocols

Privacy & Security

Use healthcare technology accompanied by robust privacy & security measures, to protect sensitive health information from unauthorized access or disclosure with privacy regulations like HIPAA

Collaborative Care

We promote collaboration between different providers, including primary care physicians, specialists, and other professionals involved in a patient's care improving health outcomes

Why Choose Medtivist?

Improving clinical operations with Medtivist Health-tech solutions

A top US-based behavioural health clinic providing substance abuse and mental health counselling for more than 2200 adults, adolescents, and children. Implementing an EHR, healthcare practice management, and billing solution was their major challenges.
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Attracted and gained new patients with effective billing and advanced electronic prescribing solutions
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The automated technologies and well-planned implementation dramatically increased the timely submission of kites from 75 to 95%
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The implementation of EHR & billing solutions increased the growth within the clinic's system by 40 times and the usage of services by the staff

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