Payor challenges in healthcare

Payors own the key position in making the required care available for each patient. Challenges like these make their service delivery difficult

IT/systems integration

Audit and compliance

Proactive health management

Medical loss ratio

Metrics and SLA

Aligning incentives with
healthcare providers

Solutions we offer

Medtivist offers a timely & stress-free environment for you to process easier. We come up with solutions to balance cost & quality of care while guaranteeing to invest the least amount of money. Our interoperability solutions provide perfect connections that ease your communication with providers

Collaborative care management

Provider network management

Data analytics and dashboard solutions

Developing an FHIR-based automation engine

One of the largest TPAs in the USA provides operational services like claims processing for all the major health insurance companies in the US. Achieving efficiency and cost reduction were the major challenges among others for them

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Increased clients by breaking constraints with deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance, and more
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Enhanced the understanding of the process perspective, business domain, and core concepts by 40%
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Achieved efficiency under budget. Revenue & functionalities increased with a fully functional FHIR-based automation engine

Clinical decision support

Simplifying billing hurdle

Medical claims management

Empower your practice be future ready at every stage

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